We understand the operation our clients work in within the industries we operate and recognise that every second counts, a minuet of down time can have huge repercussions and therefore we will always ensure works can be performed around the operating hours a client has.

Conveyor equipment comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We have the experience and expertise to work on a vast range of equipment and can assist with any maintenance and service works whether the equipment was supplied by IDC or not.

Not only do IDC have an array of in house designed equipment but we also work alongside our clients to ensure we meet any requirement they have whether it’s a preferred motor supplier or a specification booklet outlining the complete design and manufacture of their equipment.

Yes, IDC has operated throughout the whole of Europe and further. This is not limited to exports as IDC are able to provide installation in the countries we export our equipment to, proving a one-stop client solution.

Due to the vast and ever-expanding range of equipment IDC can offer do not list all the equipment on our website. Not only this but IDC have a reputation for designing and manufacturing bespoke equipment tailored around the requirements of the client.