This project was for a logistics company expanding its existing operations within the sortation facility. They required the conveyor system to unload and load lorries and delivery vans, transport packages and allow them to be sorted by delivery location. This was achieved using IDC’s conveyor system comprising of various roller and belt conveyors up to 1.5m wide to allow transportation and manual sortation of the large volume. Large belts for sortation and transport, 3 telescopic boom conveyors for unloading lorries and roller conveyor spurs to aid with loading delivery vans.
IDC worked with the customer to come up with a revised site design for a system that suited their specific requirements. We used an array of various equipment and provided a complete package for the customer comprising of the below equipment:
– Complete the conveyor system controlled by the main control panel with all the functionality the customer required.
– Platforms allow access around the conveyors for operators and safe maintenance.
– Mezzanine space for operators to walk feely above the conveyors at height.
– Warehouse trollies for manual product handling.
– Vehicle barriers protecting the system.
– Complete spares and maintenance package.

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