Project Location: Kemble, Gloucestershire

Target Industry: Warehouse Operations

This project was for a well-known high street clothing brand to help their warehouse operations as they expanded into a new facility. The
inter-floor conveyor belt was installed alongside the mezzanine contractor. The conveyor belt took items from ground level to the first
floor of the mezzanine allowing an efficient and safe way to transport product from the two levels.

We integrated technology such as variable speed so they could choose it based on the product volume to be transported and line stop
sensors to stop the belt when the line was full with product to stops jams and allow for a safe working area

Inter-floor Belt
Conveyor Type

Project Value

Packages per hour

IDC worked with the customer to come up with a design which would allow no lifting or transporting the engines once they had started assembly apart from on the conveyor making the operation streamlined and safe. We incorporated a gravity system which allowed machines to be moved at the operator’s own pace and a custom frame to allow for the load of an engine over a short distance.

Project Details

  • Complete conveyor system design to the exact requirement and tailor-made.
  • The system incorporated gates to allow personal access around the system ensuring safe fire exit routes and free movement.
  • Ball tables were designed into the ends of each run allowing the operator to turn the machine 360 degrees so they could position it in the most suitable orientation.

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