IDC offer a comprehensive range of equipment types which enables us to provide either a single type of equipment for a specific requirement or join multiple equipment types together to create a system.

Below is a list of the type of conveyor equipment IDC have worked with.
Aero-mechanical conveyor, Automotive conveyor, Belt conveyor, Bucket conveyor, Chain conveyor, Drag conveyor, Dust-proof conveyor, Flexible conveyor, Gravity conveyor / skatewheel conveyor, Lineshaft powered roller conveyor, Motorized-drive roller conveyor, Overhead I-beam conveyor, Pharmaceutical conveyor, Plastic belt conveyor, Pneumatic conveyor, Screw or auger conveyor, Spiral conveyor, Vertical conveyor, Wire mesh conveyor , Vertical lift conveyors, Heavy-duty roller.

As well as the mechanical material handling equipment IDC offer an array of warehouse equipment that is typically alongside our material handling solutions. These have included platforms and ramps all the way to Vechical barrier and lighting.