Year Completed 2021
Project Location United Kingdom
Target Industry Logistics / Post & Parcel

This project was for a logistics company changing its operations. Where docks had previously been loaded via artic trailers the new requirement was to load vans. The dock height change required would result in modifications to the exterior ground of various sites or provide an alternative solution. IDC had previously supplied and installed equipment for this same solution. Our exterior van loading platform provides a stepped platform for docks so they can be used at a reduced height. Custom made for each site these were manufactured and installed for the customer’s sites across the U.K.

IDC worked with the customer to come up with the perfect design with cost, practicality and of course health and safety.
We used 3D models to showcase the product to the customer to refine and perfect the design. Once confirmed 2 trail units were installed and following this success the remaining platforms were rolled out for the country.

– Worked with the client to achieve a suitable design.
– Quality materials are used to withstand impact.
– Galvanising all steel surfaces to ensure weather protection for exterior use.
– Yellow paint for step edges for visible safety.
– Handrails at any gap in the platform.
– The installation schedule worked around clients’ requirements to not disturb operations.
– Quick and effective installation by IDC to work around site operating hours.

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